How to restore access to WordPress on home network

Recently we switched ISPs at home. I set up port forwarding on the new modem, told dotster what public IP I was then using, and that was it. Everything worked. That is, everything except my own laptop. Pinging the URL timed out consistently. The local IP worked fine so I could access my website locally but most of the WordPress theme components used the fully qualified domain name. The blog, without theme components was so difficult to navigate it was less of a hassle to actually go to my neighbors’ to work on my page.

I tried searching for fixes but was unsuccessful. Well, as usually is the case, looking at it again fresh today did the trick. I found these directions at to simply update the hosts file on my laptop. It is fascinating how similar Windows and Linux are for these components. I never knew windows has an etc directory.

There is a risk I will need to manually disable the line in my hosts file if I try to access the page from this laptop while on another network. That is worth it though.

Boutell did a fantastic job of explaining how and why the original problem occurred so I will just summarize what i changed. In the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts I added the line:   # raspberry pi

Where is my local network ip address. Then I restarted. That was it. Now my computer knows that whenever a call for comes up it will instead call and stay on the local network.


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