Windows Mobile 7 was designed for me

Do you know how I know that Windows Mobile 7 was designed just for me? Well, to start, my cell phone 2 year contract is up at the same time that Windows Mobile 7 phones are coming out on the market. Also, I am a busy girl with lots of friends in lots of social networks, and WM7 will keep track of them all. Thirdly, I was the looser who loaded the Zune player on her computer even though she doesn’t have a Zune. Just to test it out. I loved everything but the fact that I couldn’t sync podcasts to my windows media playing phone. I do not like the podcast player on my current phone. Mostly because I need to hand enter the address for new podcasts. That is a huge pain, especially since I usually enter new podcasts while on the road.
Now I just have to decide which manufacturer to go with…

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