I finaly got my Windows 7 phone!!

I decided to go with Verizon’s HTC Trophy. I know I am close to Windows 7.5 rollout, but it has been worth it to get it early and simply update it when the time comes rather than spending more and getting it pre-installed.
Do I like the phone? I LOVE it! I like that it uses a micro-usb for charging. I like that the wall outlet is really a wall adapter for the USB cable – I don’t have to carry two chargers with me this way. I like that it will charge while connected via USB even after I fall asleep and so does my computer (my old phone would be drained dry by morning if I left it plugged into the computer. I like that I can access all my One Note notebooks that are stored on Windows Sky Drive. (It took me a while to discover that indeed all notebooks can be synced.) I like that I will have the mango update by the end of next week. I like mangos. Oh wait, not truly related.
I will share again after I have the 7.5 update.
(ps. I learned in Intro to Logic today that the symbol ‘~’ means ‘not’.  So everytime I sign my name ~GoldAurora I’m saying I’m not GoldAurora… This class is going to mess me up emotionaly isn’t it?)