My old laptop is being tranformed!

So I chose for my Windows 8 experiment my 6 year old laptop. It is the only computer I own that has at least a gig of RAM.  I have been using it as a desk top for quickly accessing the internet and Quicken.

It took a few days for Windows 8 to install and get through the first updates. But today I started up the computer and it started up quite fast, with lots of new features that weren’t there the first time. For instance, there is faster access to the settings.

Now I’m attempting to install Quicken and Office back on. I sincerely hope Office installs OK. But I wouldn’t be too sad if Quicken didn’t work – I’m tempted to use their online version so I’m not stuck at this desk to do this work.

Windows 8 Preview

I’m currently downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I can’t wait until my old laptop is like my phone!