Proper Windows 8 test

I bought a Samsung 7 Slate and am running Windows 8 Consumer Preview on that. Fortunately, as this is my main daily use computer, I have not had any trouble loading applications. All the programs I need for school run on the desktop that is essentially Windows 7 and then I also have the advantage of Windows 8 apps as well.
This is my first full size touch screen and that is taking getting used to. For instance, the touch keyboard will show up and block the screen even when I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard. I need to learn how to disable that… I’ve found that if I use a mouse and the keyboard in combination I can eliminate that problem, but that also eliminates the advantages of touch screen.
Oh, in great news, Skydrive now has a download that will allow my Sky Drive files to be accessible directly from my file browser. It saves a copy to my hard drive for offline use and updates when I’m online! I may store all my files there now. I especially like being able to access the actual versions from anywhere. If it’s a shared computer I can download the file, work on it, then upload it. But from mine I don’t have to do anything. PS. Thus is the standard published version of SkyDrive I’m talking about. It is actually better in my opinion than the Windows 8 preview version that I also have.