I have a Domain Name!!

Hi Everyone,

Soon, I will have my very own webpage!! I bought the domain name yesterday and now I’m having it hosted! I’m going with a local host, EskimoNorth and couldn’t be happier with the service. I’ll give you the name of the website once I have it up. But for now you need to be patient while the internet Domain Name Servers catch up with all the changes I’m making.


Why is Outlook Blue Now?

Here is Outlook 2013 Consumer Preview taskbar icon next to Outlook 2010 taskbar icon. Notice the differences? I’m going to miss the manila folder color. I do not know the reason for the change.

How I fixed Outlook 2013

So, in my last post I commented on how Outlook now worked with Exchange Active Sync for msn, live, and Hotmail accounts. Well, it didn’t work the way I expected. Firstly they would not update. It said that I was working offline. I’m still not done trouble shooting staying online – but I did discover something else. I found this page: how-to-connect-hotmail-and-gmail-accounts-to-outlook-2013-preview and there it says that the Active Sync mail server should be m.hotmail.com. In the default settings that was left blank. So I went to Account Settings, then chose my email address and pressed change, and typed m.hotmail.com into the box. It works! Now to figure out why it says I’m offline. And to submit this bug to Microsoft.

I truly am grateful for the opportunity to test this program with Microsoft. They show a lot of faith in their community to let us use something before it is released fully.


Office 2013 Consumer Preview

I wasn’t going to test Office 2013 Consumer Preview. But then I was participating in the Tuesday Office Webinar and they discussed the new preview there. Then it occurred to me that I’ll likely have to wipe my Tablet’s memory when I install the real version of Windows 8 after the preview expires, so I’ll be needing to reinstall office in a few months anyway. Why not have a little fun in the mean time.
The first thing that the install asked was what background I wanted. The choices are None, Calligraphy, Circle and Stripes, Circuit, Clouds, Straws, and Tree Rings. These choices are the kind of thing that would drive my husband nuts. But I appreciate them. It’s a quick install question and then you get to have something that fits your personality for your computer. I warn you that the preview for these is very subtle. At first I didn’t notice, but it’s along the bottom of the screen as you scroll through the options. I chose Calligraphy because it’s what I use for Windows 8 Preview as well. My second choice was Tree Rings. Maybe they’ll get that for Windows 8 too and then I can match.
The best thing so far about the preview is it is nearly seamless. All my notebooks for One Note were there when I arrived, and all my email accounts were ready for me too.  Windows Live Email accounts (Hotmail, live, msn) doubled up. I can see that they left the MAPI account from their older system and now there’s a new “Exchange Active Sync for each as well. I’ll remove the MAPI accounts and there’ll be no problem. All the data is stored in the cloud for me all the while!
Now I’m playing with linking my Facebook account to outlook. It didn’t do it automatically like I expected it to.  Maybe I need to plug my phone in to make it work…
More later after I play!