Patience pays off

My email is working correctly again with Outlook. It might have been because I deleted a Trash folder that seemed to be stuck in the system. But probably it was nothing I did.

I did send a smile to Microsoft though J

Outlook ActiveSync Connector still being a problem

Hrm. Well, it’s still not working correctly. The fix worked for one of the two Microsoft accounts I applied it to. The other has not loaded email for two weeks. Outlook 2010 wasn’t always consistent with OutlookConnector either. So I followed the advice in one of the pages I stumbled across and uninstalled Outlook 2010. The reasoning was that the two Outlook programs were interrupting each other. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea but oh well. So now I’m stuck doing the one thing that makes me a good IT person. Rather than messing with any more settings I’m going to wait. Even though no one online seems to have the same problem I do (based on searches), I’m sure someone out there does and I’m sure Microsoft is diligently working to patch it. One day very soon I’ll open my inbox and ta-da! Mass downloading. For now I’ll use the new to access that email account inbox. (The other suggestions for email syncing were deleting half my folders and spending hours on the phone with customer service. No, thank you.)

On another note: I’m now on the wait list for the 2012 Build Conference in Redmond. It would take a miracle for me to actually attend. But there’s a saying somewhere that miracles don’t happen to those who don’t try, isn’t there?

With patience and faith,


Right Clicking On a Tablet.

I’ve had a hard time accessing the right click menus without a mouse. It did not come naturally to me. I figured out early on that I could press and hold an icon, but sometimes my hand would shake and I would end up tapping the item instead. I have this stylus: Samsung Series 7 Slate Digitizer Pen
which has a right click button, but it wouldn’t work. I’d press on the screen then press the button, and nothing would happen.

Just last week I figured out my problem. I have to press the button before I tap the screen! Aha! Also, in the start menu with my finger I can swipe downwards on the tile to select them. My oh my learning curves.