College 3.0 (day -131)

I am going to attempt to document here this journey I’m on. Hopefully in a way akin to This American Life. I used 3.0 in the title because this will be my Junior year.
Sunday evening there is a concert on campus for newly admitted students and their families, followed by an overnight. Then Monday we get to attend classes. I get to meet with the program director. I’m not staying overnight – I’m not going to live on campus – but I’ll be there otherwise. I will be attending alone, which is great by me. My husband gained huge kudos when he didn’t dismiss the invitation outright -he’s not one for concerts. But the timing isn’t good for him. The concert starts late, after his normal bed time. Since he got his new job that starts shortly after I, as a techy night owl, like to fall asleep, he’s been falling asleep really early. Oh well, we’ve always been independent. I fell in love with him at 19 partly because he gave me the independence I needed at that time. Now, at 31, it can be a source of contention for me, but this is one time I’m glad of it.
I’ll report back on Monday.


I’ve been studying for the Ham Radio ARRL Technician level exam for two years as a way to get better at electronics. It’s been working. I’m learning a lot. The problem is that it is excruciatingly slow going. Until this week I couldn’t pass a single practice test. Radio is all theory until I can pass the test and start actually using the radio.
Recently a number of things all came together and changed my pace. Firstly, I got accepted to a Bachelor’s degree program in Informatics. Secondly, due to circumstances, I took Spring quarter off from school. The new program starts in the fall and I have all the prerequisites I need. Thirdly, a class in Ham radio opened up at a city hall a few cities away. We meet once a week for two hours until the test on week 8. Finally, I started the Khan Academy program in Information Science. The material Khan Academy covers is much of what I’m learning in the technician class, from a different angle. Recently I’ve taken two practice tests and passed them both!
Soon I’ll be able to start talking on my radio. It will be good timing too. I know one of the first classes I’ll take in my bachelors program will involve hardware. By then, I pray, the concept won’t scare me so much!

Non techy weekend, but not unplugged

I’m thinking forward to tomorrow, to breakfast with my Grandma and Uncle Norm. And not going to the Summit. But I’m also thinking back to yesterday and today. I took a ‘wet run’ (that’s like a dry run, but wet) to my new school. I had family time to celebrate a new family member. And a friend’s wedding to celebrate a new friend member. And dancing! Someday I will get my husband to dance, but until then I’ll dance with everyone else. I love dancing at weddings because as the more I dance, the younger I feel. It connects me to 7th grade and ninth grade homecoming, and the awkwardness I used to feel, and how far I’ve come. And my heart races, and my skin warms and I’m alive.