Update on My keyboard and an app review: TechExam by WA7MC

My keyboard has been working perfectly for a week and two days! I think that trying until I got the board to seat perfectly did the trick.  I will continue to clean the connections with rubbing alcohol on a regular basis. That did help.


I’d like to review an app on my Windows Phone. It’s called TechExam by WA7MC. The publisher is Mike Clark. I used this application to study for my HAM radio license.  It has a good flashcard system that gives random exams, matching the format of the actual test, and using the question pool.  Some questions require looking at a picture, so the pictures were included as well. I can’t learn from the questions alone – I’m not that kind of memorizer. But by using the app along side my class at a nearby city hall I was able to pass the exam! There are many free web based tests available, but since I spend much of my study time on buses, the $0.99 was well worth the expense. I highly recommend TechExam for anyone with a Windows Phone that wants to pass the Technician level Amateur Radio Exam.