Summer Update

My summer has been fantastic. To keep my brain sharp I’m reading The Second Machine Age with my dad, book club style. It’s slow going since we don’t get to skype as often as we’d like. But it’s worth the wait to read it with him. I’m also chipping away at my website. I’ve started using Dream Weaver and am trying to learn general Adobe skills and fluid forms at the same time. I wish it was September because then I can start my Adobe course at school and won’t have to learn by myself. If I didn’t have this website to complete I’d just wait until after my class to work on it. Fortunately anything I learn on my own now is one less thing to cram for once tests begin. I wish I learned from video easier, there’s thousands of hours teaching Dream Weaver. But I don’t have thousands of hours to spend watching them. Searching for written support ends up faster for me. Or simply learning from trial and error.
The website is going slow, but the SQL server I connected to the website is great! It’s working beautifully. Of course, my webhost keeps it running, but I had to add data and link it to the website. Goes to show that DBA is a good career path for me!