Pi Webserver And School is a good place to learn.

So, I’m back at the Raspberry Pi. I was able to get the monitor and keyboard both working last fall. Now it is installed headless on my campus. For an assignment we were tasked with installing a webserver. Most students put them on their virtual machines or laptops. But I remembered someone telling me last fall that Raspberry Pis make decent webservers. I tried to install monkey-project webserver at that time but didn’t get very far. Picking it up again after learning a bit more of how they work made all the difference. I can now access webpages through the on-campus network! And even better, I can access a sql database through the webpage through the on-campus network.
Currently I’m learning how to manipulate user accounts on my pi. I want my project partner to be able to make changes to the webfiles without having to invoke sudo. I was able to do that by creating a group that both our accounts are in and changing the group ownership of the www directory. Now I’m struggling to get startx to work on the new accounts. The screen comes up nearly blank.
That is it for now,