Manager for another WordPress blog.

I’m excited. I get to manage a blog for a family member. It is just going into beta stage so I can’t share it yet. I had hoped to self host it but I’m having some minor trouble with my apache server. I could spend the next few evenings just working on my server and never get to starting the blog. So hosting at a page for now is a better option. I don’t want my family member to need to wait for too long to start. This way, too, it is not another pressing project for me. I seem to have many of those as it is.
I know I barely keep this blog up… but this has always just been a place for me to practice documentation strategies. Not official documentation; the free-flowing keeping track of anything and everything kind. I am motivated by Mme. Marie Curie. In high school French I did a research paper on that French scientist. On of the lessons that has stuck with me most from my time in French class (even more than the language) was getting to see a few pages of Mme. Curies’s lab books. On one she wrote the accounting for her lunch-time grocery purchases. This showed me how much more than an account of her experiences these books were. They were her whole life, though research and experimentation was the largest aspect of her life. Through these small details I learned more about life in France than through any of her science. These insignificant details also help frame the lifetime of experimentation that she led. I hope that my lifetime of experimentation will lead to something great. I’m not nearly as led and focused but hopefully these small pieces will add up. Writing them down for saving and safekeeping is a way of guarantying that I can look at them again with fresh eyes and maturity in years to come. I have a long way to go.