Installing Windows on three hard drives

I now have a greater appreciation of how much of a computer’s cost goes into Microsoft Windows. Buying that program pushed me over the $1000 mark on my build. I need Windows on this box though so that I can download and backup One Drive. I will attempt a Linux boot drive later.
Prepared with my new Windows 10 key I sat down with my laptop to download the iso. Interestingly, my laptop would not boot up. I think now that it was in the middle of a major update. Trying to turn it on caused it to lock up hard. Oh well, I have everything backed up I’ll just restore it to factory. I’ve been needing to do a factory restore ever since I was a TA and loaded quite a few random test programs. But now here i was  with two computers and no operating system and no way to download drivers and the iso.
Have no fear, this was not the worst predicament I had been in. Fortunately I had a Kali distro on a thumb drive. It booted right up and I was able to get my downloads but then I could not save them because as soon as I rebooted Kali I would loose everything because I was not set up for permanent storage on my Kali distro. The other problem was that I could not successfully format a boot disk with the iso using linux. I know there are ways to do it but my google skills failed me that night and I was never able to get it to work. Someday I will learn what I did wrong.
I finally conceded failure and used my husband’s laptop to make the iso bootable. (I try not to touch my husband’s laptop. As a tinkerer I’m bound to mess it up in a way he doesn’t like. He doesn’t want bells and whistles, just a computer that works).
I installed windows finally and then tried to set up my raided d drive. Fail fail fail. Nothing I tried worked. I finally realized that I had to set up the RAID before I installed windows. Even though I was not installing windows on a raid disk it still was going to delete my c drive.
I have very little memory of all the steps that I took in the bios menu to get raid set up. It was complicated and mostly done in the late late hours. But I successfully got the two larger drives raided. Then when I installed Windows I was able to choose the non raided SSD to install on. That worked great. What surprised me was that I didn’t have to install the AMD program for hard drives over 2 terabytes. When they were raided the computer saw the drive automatically.
It is now set up exactly how I want it. This is a successful build!

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