Upgrade after long absence.

I gave my Raspberry Pi 1 B to my nephew for his birthday because he absolutely adores MineCraft. Pis are perfect for children because they are slow enough to not be as addictive as gaming on his mom’s cell phone while still allowing for good educational fun.
And I gave my Raspberry Pi 1 B to my nephew for his birthday so that I could have an excuse to upgrade to a Pi 3. After Christmas I had a chance to put the micro sd card from my Pi 1 into the new Pi 3 and see if it would accept it. It did! I ran updates of raspi-config and apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and all seems to be working well. New hardware would normally be a good time to start a fresh distro but I just recently completed the update to Raspbian Stretch and don’t feel the urge to do it all again.
I am noticing great improvements with the additional 1/2 gig of RAM in the 3. WordPress updates take moments where before I would let them run in the background and move on to other tasks. Also, my backup program, BackWPup would often time out and fail on the Pi 1. I had almost begun questioning if Apache and WordPress on a Pi were good long term solutions. With the Pi 3 I am back on board. I think they are excellent tools for a hobbyist Linixer like me.

My unsuccessful attempt at playing Minecraft.

In early March I spent over two weeks breaking and then rebuilding my raspberry pi webserver. I just wanted to play a game and the whole site came tumbling down.
You see, my neighbor girl, whom I was watching, was obsessed with these YouTubers who recorded themselves playing Minecraft. The videos were mildly entertaining for the first few hours but became quite annoying after that. Wouldn’t she rather play Minecraft?
I can’t install any paid apps on her little notebook pc but fortunately Minecraft comes on my raspberry pi which she can use remote desktop to access. The problem was that the game would never load. I would only get a black window.
Hm…? Probably outdated X windowing systems. I update regularly but maybe now would be a good  time to upgrade to Raspbian  Jessie. So I started that upgrade and said yes to everything. Yes, yes was not the always the correct answer.
Grinding halt. I couldn’t even get a login script… And to top it all off I discovered at this point that Minecraft for pi doesn’t work remotely. No wonder!
Fortunately, a wise person early on told me “why don’t you just start a fresh image? It won’t take very long.” So that is what I got to do.
Unfortunately I don’t keep backups of the pi because the only I currently know how is by swapping the microsd into a laptop. So even though I could not log into the pi I hoped to at least pull my website and some other files info off of if manually. First I had to teach myself about Linux partition EXT formats. Then I had to find a way to mount that type of system to my PC. I discovered that Paragon Software has a drive mounting program. I am familiar with Paragon because I like the free version of their partition manager. (After the trial period the program will only allow the user to use a few basic tools. Fortunately those are the only tools I ever need.)
Once I had it mounted in a readable format I was able to copy everything to my laptop and free up the flash drive to be reformatted. And I was off! Of course, I abandoned my attempt to load Minecraft and instead loaded WordPress. Better use of my time anyway. And my neighbor girl doesn’t watch Minecraft videos anymore anyway. Now she just plays with fidget spinners.

Hello world! Again

I just imported all my WordPress posts (the few that there are) into a new self managed installation. Welcome to the new home blog! I have a lot I have  been meaning to write about so I am back to the task.

Updating "About Me"

Here is the profile blurb that I have been using:


I am a wanna-be geek in a geek world. But that is changing because I’ve been accepted to a full time Bachelor of Science in Informatics program. In two years upon graduation I will be full fledge Computer-Geek! For now I am also an adult learner, a wife, a Christian, a Scout, a HAM (KG7DTK), a First Aid Instructor, and a pro ski instructor.

It is definitely out of date. I completed my degree and even got a tech job. I guess I’ve made it. Time to write a new profile.

Manager for another WordPress blog.

I’m excited. I get to manage a blog for a family member. It is just going into beta stage so I can’t share it yet. I had hoped to self host it but I’m having some minor trouble with my apache server. I could spend the next few evenings just working on my server and never get to starting the blog. So hosting at a .worpress.com page for now is a better option. I don’t want my family member to need to wait for too long to start. This way, too, it is not another pressing project for me. I seem to have many of those as it is.
I know I barely keep this blog up… but this has always just been a place for me to practice documentation strategies. Not official documentation; the free-flowing keeping track of anything and everything kind. I am motivated by Mme. Marie Curie. In high school French I did a research paper on that French scientist. On of the lessons that has stuck with me most from my time in French class (even more than the language) was getting to see a few pages of Mme. Curies’s lab books. On one she wrote the accounting for her lunch-time grocery purchases. This showed me how much more than an account of her experiences these books were. They were her whole life, though research and experimentation was the largest aspect of her life. Through these small details I learned more about life in France than through any of her science. These insignificant details also help frame the lifetime of experimentation that she led. I hope that my lifetime of experimentation will lead to something great. I’m not nearly as led and focused but hopefully these small pieces will add up. Writing them down for saving and safekeeping is a way of guarantying that I can look at them again with fresh eyes and maturity in years to come. I have a long way to go.

Summer Update

My summer has been fantastic. To keep my brain sharp I’m reading The Second Machine Age with my dad, book club style. It’s slow going since we don’t get to skype as often as we’d like. But it’s worth the wait to read it with him. I’m also chipping away at my website. I’ve started using Dream Weaver and am trying to learn general Adobe skills and fluid forms at the same time. I wish it was September because then I can start my Adobe course at school and won’t have to learn by myself. If I didn’t have this website to complete I’d just wait until after my class to work on it. Fortunately anything I learn on my own now is one less thing to cram for once tests begin. I wish I learned from video easier, there’s thousands of hours teaching Dream Weaver. But I don’t have thousands of hours to spend watching them. Searching for written support ends up faster for me. Or simply learning from trial and error.
The website is going slow, but the SQL server I connected to the website is great! It’s working beautifully. Of course, my webhost keeps it running, but I had to add data and link it to the website. Goes to show that DBA is a good career path for me!