Windows Mobile 7 was designed for me

Do you know how I know that Windows Mobile 7 was designed just for me? Well, to start, my cell phone 2 year contract is up at the same time that Windows Mobile 7 phones are coming out on the market. Also, I am a busy girl with lots of friends in lots of social networks, and WM7 will keep track of them all. Thirdly, I was the looser who loaded the Zune player on her computer even though she doesn’t have a Zune. Just to test it out. I loved everything but the fact that I couldn’t sync podcasts to my windows media playing phone. I do not like the podcast player on my current phone. Mostly because I need to hand enter the address for new podcasts. That is a huge pain, especially since I usually enter new podcasts while on the road.
Now I just have to decide which manufacturer to go with…

Test from Office 2010 beta!

I want to start blogging more, so when I was loading a new word document today, and noticed “blog template” I decided to try it out. Working on my husband’s resume can wait, right?
It was amazingly easy to set this blog up in word, even with my slow internet connection. I hate how when the internet connection is slow it seems to make my whole entire computer slow down. So much of my computer depends on the internet, I suppose. My connection is always slow in the early evening – I am just one of a hundred thousand to arrive home at this time every evening and expect to be able to check my email and Facebook. It sucks living in a suburb, because we are mostly ignored by the internet companies. The Federal Government is investing in rural neighborhoods, but our lines are so old they don’t work any better than rural dial up. We just pay more. I love how the internet companies convinced congress that they would take care of us, and give us (Americans) high speed internet, and they are now only at barely a quarter of the speed they promised, but they took more money than they said they would. I will find documentation to prove the previous statement1. I heard it on a few weeks back.